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February 21, 2018  

Children of Maesaris - Chapter 2 - Dead Man’s Chest ft. Rob Ferrante

February 21, 2018

As our new arc "The Children of Maesaris" continues, Bill must do what he can to save the people of Peters Point and find out more about this strange cult. His only clue are the notes left by the previous mayor, which warn of imminent danger for one of the townsfolk, Captain Green. Will he find him before it's too late? And once he does, will he be able to save himself?


Our guest this episode is Rob Ferrante. If you want to hear more of his wonderful voice, you may be out of luck. But you can hear his hands as they hold sticks and drum on drums. His band The Blindfolds have released a new album called Smoke and Mirrors, check it out!


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If you want to play the room yourself, or see the supplementary puzzles as you listen, the links are below:

Full room write-up and GM notes


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Our spooky theme song for this arc is courtesy of Purple Planet. Check them out for all your fun music needs.