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March 21, 2018  

Children of Maesaris - Chapter 4 - Despite All My Rage I’m Still Just a Matt in a Cage ft. Matt Lee

March 21, 2018

Three sacrifices have been saved, but who is next? Bill follows the clues, and the trail leads him to the local Zoo. Will he be able to escape the room and save another victim of the Children of Maesaris, or will he fall short and become a victim himself? This episode features birds, lizards, gloves, keys, and one bad mamba.


Our guest this episode is Matt Lee, co-owner of the Enigma Room in Sydney. Make sure you check out his rooms next time you're in Sydney, and if you need an escape game for your next conference or group event, be sure to check out their large events options!


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If you want to play the room yourself, or see the supplementary puzzles as you listen, the links are below:

Full room write-up and GM notes
Peters Point town map


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Our spooky theme song for this arc is courtesy of Purple Planet. Check them out for all your fun music needs.
The plastic thumping sounds for this episode were from Betchkal on Freesound
The bird sounds were a mixture of recordings from Kyster, LG, and Blouhond on Freesound.