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November 8, 2017  

Episode 13: Lan and Anika, Come On Down!!

November 8, 2017

Lan and Anika have always wanted to be on one of the great gameshows. Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Nickelodeon Guts! On this episode they get to live that dream... and have it slowly descend into a nightmare. Will they be able to solve the puzzles this game show throws at them and make it out alive?


As always, if you want to play along, or run the game yourself, the full room write up is linked below:
Episode 13: Full write-up


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We used lot of sound this episode, courtesy of some great people.

Gameshow theme by Milton, remixed by Timbre.
Applause by Sandermotions
Fanfare by Plasterbrain
Wheel sounds by Pooky
Glass sounds by Czarcazas
Ticking recorded by InspectorJ
Buzzers by Philip Daniels, Cameron Music, Ties Wijnen, Shine Phoenix Storm Crow, and Gabriel Araujo