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December 19, 2018  

Season 3 - Episode 11: The Crimes of Puzzlo - Every Frame A Painting ft. Advanced Sagebrush and Shootouts

December 19, 2018

Stop. Collaborate and Listen.
That's our policy at Escape This Podcast, perfectly encapsulated in this episode. This episode is part of a collaborative project with Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts that you should go listen to! We've been guests on their show during their current arc, which features this escape room! The room was designed by Dani, but run by AS&S's resident gamemaster Devin (who you may remember from his priestly guest role during Children of Maesaris).

What do you do when you're trapped in a room, kidnapped by the devious puzzle-based-criminal Puzzlo? Why, solve the puzzles and escape the room, that's what!

We're joined this episode by Devin, Whitt and Jared from Advanced Sagebrush and Shootouts. Go and check out the start of our journey together.

Twitter: Devin | Whitt | Jared | AS&S

You can download the full notes for this Escape Room below to play along, or run a game yourself!
Full Room Write Up 

And you can download our Christmas room as well!
Full Room Write Up


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