Episode 10: Trapped in Tomorrow, Today! ft. The REDivas

September 27, 2017

In this episode, four veterans of the Escape Room world decide to take a trip to their favourite childhood attraction: The World of The Future! This 1980's testament to the future is closing down, and hopefully this waltz down memory lane will help them find a way to keep this place open... if they can get back out!

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As always, you can follow along with the room, or run the room yourself by following the link below:
Episode 10: Full Write-up


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Episode 9: The Importance of Being Escapists ft. Tess ‘n’ Jess

September 13, 2017

Miss Bennet and Miss Maggie have a mission. They've been hired to uncover hidden blackmail materials from the stately home of one Mrs Flavisham. Of course, they've also been hired by Mrs Flavisham to ensure that these documents cannot be found. What will these double agents do?


If you want to run the room yourself, or just follow along more closely, the full room write up is linked below:
Episode 9: Full room write-up
Episode 9: Supplementary Image


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Episode 8: Toys ‘R’ Us-cape ft. Lan Wei and Rose Still

August 30, 2017

This episode, our two contestants have spent a little too long looking at toys, and find themselves trapped. In the dark. Alone.

Wait, what was that sound?

Maybe they aren't quite as alone as they thought...


If you want to try the room yourself, or just follow along with the episode, the full room write up is below:
Episode 8: Full Room Write-up


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Episode 7: Tooth Trouble ft Stavros Patsalos and Greg Hatten

August 17, 2017

Drills, anaesthetic, needles... puzzles?

In this episode, two escape room beginnners try to find their way out of the dentist's office. I'm glad I'm not in there, I hate the dentist!

If you want to follow along, or play the room yourself, the room write up is below:

Epiosde 7: Tooth Trouble - Full room write up

Episode 7: Supplementary (degrees)


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Episode 6: For Your Ears Only ft. Patrick Sunderland

August 2, 2017

In this episode, famous British secret agent Richard "D***weed" Weedings and his trusty Irish sidekick Marcus must foil an assassination. Will Martin Bauer survive? Will Roskov evade our heroes' grasp? Will any puzzles actually get solved?

If you want to try this daring caper for yourselves, follow the link below for the full room write up. Make sure to send us your time, and how your team fared on twitter (@escthispodcast) or on facebook.

Episode 6: The Cloakroom - full write-up


Episode 5: The Witch’s Tower ft. Nick and Pat Sunderland

July 19, 2017

Once upon a time, two farmers found a tower in the woods. Little did they suspect their adventure would be controlled by a wonderful puzzle-queen and recorded by a hideous podcast-troll.

If you want to play along, or try the game for yourself, a full write up of the room can be found here:

Episode 5 Puzzlemaster's Write-up
Episode 5 Tapestry Image


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Episode 4: Catwalk - All or Nothing

July 5, 2017

For episode 4, two new contestants (James and Cay) find themselves fit, fashionable and ready for fame on the newest season of the hit modelling reality show "Catwalk - All or Nothing". With their booties tooching and their eyes smizing, they'll need to work their way out of a precarious situation.


As always, if you want to follow along, the full Puzzlemaster's write up can be found here: Episode 4: Catwalk

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Episode 3: The Lair ft. The Amazing Sunderland Brothers

June 21, 2017

In episode three our heroes (Bill and Pat Sunderland) have another devious room to escape. Did I say heroes? I meant normal everyday citizens. The heroes have gone missing, and the world's villains are running free. No longer do they cower in their lairs, unable to leave... if only the Sunderland brothers could say the same.


As always, if you want to play the room beforehand, or follow along more closely, the full room can be found here: Episode 3: Full Write Up with supplementary materials here: Episode 3: Supplementary Notes


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EtP 2 Saving Razorface ft. Bill Sunderland and Tess Hutley

June 7, 2017

In episode two, Tess is joined by our host Bill to try to escape a room together. Locked in a dimly lit speak-easy by the notorious Jimmy Raguletto, can our two players escape before they drive the Puzzlemaster insane with their incessant terrible ideas and poor puzzle solving skills?

As always, if you want to follow along more closely, or try the room yourself, the full Puzzlemaster's write up can be found here: Episode 2: Speakeasy

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EtP 1 Alex’s Bathroom ft. Tess Hutley

May 24, 2017

For the first episode of Escape This Podcast, follow along with Tess as she tries to work her way out of the creepy, locked bathroom of an even creepier bathroom owner.


If you want to follow along more closely, or try the room yourself, the full Puzzlemaster's write up can be found here:
Episode 1: Alex's Bathroom


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