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April 18, 2018  

Children of Maesaris - Chapter 6 - Stranger Things Season 3 ft. Katie Aldworth

April 18, 2018

The town of Peters Point is teeming with cultists, sacrifices, and a population ensorcelled into inaction. Bill tracks down the next victim of the Children of Maesaris, but will he be able to save them, solve the puzzles, and escape? This episode features movie magic, boar skulls, green screens, and a battering ram.


Our guest this episode is Katie Aldworth, a story-board animator for Cartoon Network. She is currently working on Craig of the Creek which is out now in the USA, and is absolutely brilliant. You can also check out a blog about the DnD campaign she is running, and if you want to see her artwork, you can also follow her on twitter


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We'll be performing a live show at the Up the Game conference in the Netherlands. If you are attending the conference, make sure to check it out, and say hi afterwards. The episode will also be recorded and uploaded.... at some time in the future.


If you want to play the room yourself, or see the supplementary puzzles as you listen, the links are below:
Full room write-up and GM notes
Peters Point town map


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Our spooky theme song for this arc is courtesy of Purple Planet. Check them out for all your fun music needs.