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October 24, 2018  

Season 3 - Episode 7: In-convenience Store, A High Octane Thriller ft. Mary Holland and Matt Newell

October 24, 2018

It's never good to walk into a service station and find that you're the only people there. It's even worse when you realise you're locked in. It's worse still when you overhear a sinister plan and need to save yourselves, the service station, and a collection of orphans and animals.

Our guests this episode are Mary Holland from The Wild Horses and Matt Newell from I'm Too Effing High. Mary and Matt are comedians and improvisers, and you can catch them both at their regular shows at UCB Theatre in LA.

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As always, you can download the full notes for this Escape Room below to play along, or run a game yourself!
Full Room Write Up 

Tense thriller music provided by Bortexx ("Getting Ready" from the Albumn "The Impulse")

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