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July 10, 2019  

Season 5 - Episode 1: Now You See Me (escaping this room) ft. Neil Patrick Harris

July 10, 2019

NOTE: The image of the cards used in this episode is linked below, as well as the full room write-up so you can play/run the room yourself!

We return to stand-alone rooms with the start of season 5! In this room, two amateur magicians go backstage to meet their magical idol, but soon find themselves trapped in a door-less room filled with tricks, traps, and torment.

We're joined this episode by magician, actor, and puzzle fan Neil Patrick Harris. As big fans of Neil's work, it was wonderful to find out he was a fan of ours, and then punish him by locking him in a small room for an hour.

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You can download the full notes for this Escape Room below to play along, or run a game yourself!
Full Room Write Up
Supplemental: Cards

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