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August 21, 2019  

Season 5 - Episode 4: Communing with Nature ft. Scott and Molly Weiss

August 21, 2019

For the second time in season 5, we have a room designed and run by a guest game-master. Scott and his daughter Molly have brought a room full of animals, puzzles, stern bosses, and books. Bill and Dani find themselves as volunteers in a local nature centre, and have one seemingly simple, but endlessly complex job: feed the snake...

If you want to see more of Scott's stuff, including more virtual escape rooms head to Squonkland

You can download the full notes for this Escape Room below to play along, or run a game yourself!
Full Room Write Up
Supplemental: Combo Hint
Supplemental: Count the Animals
Supplemental: Door Paper
Supplemental: Turner Desk
Supplemental: Turtle Facts

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