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July 8, 2019  

Episode List

July 8, 2019

Welcome to Escape This Podcast, a show that's a mix of table-top roleplaying and escape room puzzles. If you're looking for a place to start, here's a full list of our released episodes. Each room is either a stand alone episode, or a chapter of a connected story, so jump in wherever you want


Season 1

Alex's Bathroom (featuring Tess Hutley)

Saving Razorface (featuring Tess Hutley)

The Lair (featuring Patrick Sunderland)

Catwalk - All or Nothing (featuring James and Cay)

The Witch's Tower (featuring Patrick and Nick Sunderland)

For Your Ears Only (featuring Patrick Sunderland)

Tooth Trouble (featuring Stavros Patsalos and Greg Hatten)

Toys 'R' Us-cape (featuring Lan Wei and Rose Still)

The Importance of Being Escapists (featuring Tess Hutley and Jess McKenzie)

Trapped in Tomorrow, Today! (featuring The Room Escape Divas)

Les Miserabl-escape (featuring Alessa, Harrison and Hannah)

The Trial of the Century (featuring Nick Clay)

Lan and Anika, Come on Down!!

Total Escape From The Heart (featuring Zoe and Ben)

20,000 Puzzles Under The Sea (with Guest GM Dave Anspach)


Season 2 - Children of Maesaris

Chapter 1 - Security Sacrificed (featuring Derek Glasscock)

Chapter 2 - Dead Man's Chest (featuring Rob Ferrante)

Chapter 3 - Small Medium at Large (featuring Lucy O'Brien)

Chapter 4 - Despite All My Rage I'm Still Just a Matt in a Cage (featuring Matt Lee)

Chapter 5 - Trouble Brewing (featuring Nelson Allingham)

Chapter 6 - Stranger Things Season 3 (featuring Katie Aldworth)

Chapter 7 - School's Out (featuring The Wild Optimists)

Chapter 8 - Grave Danger (featuring Dave Harmon and Ben Jenkins - Dragon Friends)

Chapter 9 - Pastor? I hardly knew her! (featuring Devin McCurdy)

Chapter 10 - Sic Semper Maesaris (featuring David and Lisa Spira)

Season Wrap Up


Season 3

According to Gym (featuring Rob Maythorne)

Man Door Hand Hook Hen Door (featuring No One Can Know About This)

Two Podcasters Walk Into a Bar (featuring Cole Burkhardt and Michelle Nickolaisen)

Summer Es-camp Room (featuring Alexander Gierholz)

It's His Party and We'll Spy if We Want To (featuring Laura Hutton and Renee Rhodes - Fate and the Fablemaidens)

High Vaultage (featuring Marcus of Popcorn Prattle and Keith of PopUp Film Cast)

In-convenience Store (featuring Mary Holland and Matt Newell)

Ten Pin Panic (featuring Sarah Rhea Werner)

A Room With A Review (featuring guest puzzlemaster Dave Anspach)

Kaiya's World (featuring guest puzzlemaster Lee-Fay Low)

The Crimes of Puzzlo (crossover room with Advanced Sagebrush and Shootouts)

Christmas Special - Too Many Santas! (featuring Mark Humphries)


Descent of the Cullodens

Chapter 1 - There Are Ghost Cars All Over These Highways (featuring Dave Anspach and Lee-Fay Low)

Chapter 1 - Post Show Discussion

Chapter 2 - A Toast to the Host Who Can Boast the Most Ghost (featuring This Game Is Broken)

Chapter 2 - Post Show Discussion

Chapter 3 - I'd Kill You If I Had My Gun (featuring Triple Jeopardy: Lee, Amy, and Alistair)

Chapter 3 - Post Show Discussion

Chapter 4 - Anita Bath (featuring MAUL Podcaster)

Chapter 4 - Post Show Discussion

Chapter 5 - Works on Contingency? No, Money Down! (featuring Hey Riddle Riddle)

Chapter 5 - Post Show Discussion

Chapter 6 - How Many Ghost Butlers Will There Be? (featuring Milo Manheim and Owen Halpert)

Chapter 6 - Post Show Discussion

Chapter 7 - Baby Button Eyes, What Are You Doing Possessed at this Hour? (featuring Jason Ritter and Clea Duvall)

Chapter 7 - Post Show Discussion

Chapter 8 - I Want to go on the Yard Work Simulator! (featuring The Infinite Escape Room)

Chapter 8 - Post Show Discussion

Chapter 9 - Who Needs Money When We Got Feathers? (featuring the Triviality Podcast)

Chapter 9 - Post Show Discussion

Chapter 10 - Then Everything is Wrapped Up in a Neat Little Package (featuring Kyle Akers and Brandon Boone)

Chapter 10 - Post Show Discussion


Live Episodes

The Cook and The Theft @ Up The Game


Bonus Episodes

Making A Room

Making A Puzzle

The Pursuit of Trivyalness

Hypotheticast Plays the Speakeasy

A Murder Mystery